Discover the future of chargingat Vado Ligure


Welcome to the first multi-brand RICARICA charging station connected to a wind farm.

The first multi-brand RICARICA charging Station for electric cars and trucks with clean, 100% green and km0 energy.

Available to drivers, for fast and ultra-fast charging, with 75 kW and 350 kW RICARICA columns in addition to 250 kW Supercharger TESLA columns.

The 15 columns are in a strategic position, just over 3 kilometres from the Savona exit of the A10 (Autostrada dei Fiori) and A6 (Turin – Savona) motorways.

The Rocche Bianche Wind Farm

Electricity for the first multi-brand RICARICA charging Station comes from the “Rocche Bianche” wind farm, which is located just over 4 kilometers away and is visible from the Station forecourt, situated high up on a hill, on the border between the municipalities of Quiliano and Vado Ligure.
The wind farm was built by FERA, an industrial group which has been producing energy exclusively from renewable sources (wind, biomass, and hydroelectric) since 2001, it provides electric vehicles with clean, 100% green, and km0 energy.


Driving energy in motion

We are looking to the future.​

The 15 columns are just the first phase of a larger project to create a series of services for electric vehicle drivers in this former industrial area.

We approached prestigious architectural firms in the Savona area for ideas on how to build an innovative and sustainable structure, and Armellino & Poggio was chosen, and this is its design, which is constantly evolving!

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1 °
RECHARGE station
for trucks in italy
Ultra fast re-charging points
+ 15000
recharges have been carried out since 2014

What can you do when your vehicle is recharging?

While charging the vehicle, you can:

  • walk to the nearby shopping centre Molo 8.44
  • go to Il Baretto for a drink or something to eat

...alternatively read our information boards

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