The inauguration of the first RICARICA charging Station

On 26th of June 2023, the first public RICARICA Charging Station in Italy was inaugurated in Vado Ligure, at via Piave 114. It is directly connected to a wind farm and is equipped to charge heavy goods vehicles and electric cars.

Hosted by the FERA Group, which is not only the owner of the “Rocche Bianche” wind farm, situated between the municipalities of Quiliano and Vado Ligure, but also of the RICARICA Charging Station. The company RICARICA SRL has to its credit more than 80 charging stations which are present in various Italian regions.

The event brought together local institutions, the Region of Liguria, municipalities of Vado Ligure and Quiliano, Enercon GmbH, the German company which supplied the four E92 wind turbines of 2.3 MW power each to the “Rocche Bianche” wind farm, and companies from the world of transportation such as SCANIA with its 100% electric model, TESLA, Niinivirta Transport, which has been using electric vehicles for many years, and Birò, the world’s smallest 100% electric minicar.

The RICARICA charging station, since it is connected directly to a wind farm, offers energy that is 100% green and zero km. There are 14 Ultra Fast columns, ranging from 250 to 350 kW, as well as a 75 kW Fast column and a 22 kW column. 

This is a multi-brand station, spread over an area of about 2,000 square meters where, in addition to the RICARICA charging stations (it is also possible to pay by contactless credit/debit card), there are also TESLA Superchargers (the world’s most extensive fast-charging network). 

Its location, close to the port and surrounding infrastructure, makes it strategic for vehicles that transit to and from France and major cities in northern Italy. 

“The direct connection between a wind farm and electric charging infrastructure is the first ever in Italy. It comes with an output of a 9.4 MW from the wind farm, enough to potentially recharge more than 90 vehicles simultaneously in Ultra Fast mode.” – commented Cesare Fera, President of the FERA Group which has been producing renewable energy since 2001. “The fact there is a direct connection makes it possible to bypass the public grid, therefore making it possible to use energy exclusively from wind power produced at the same time as charging (Wind-to-Wheels, “from the wind to the wheels”). To the forecourt of the RICARICA Charging Station from wind turbines on the hill above. Thus, one can speak of “wind recharging” with the kilowatt-hour of energy at zero km.” 

Present at the event were Cesare Fera, President of the FERA Group, Angelo Vaccarezza, Councillor of the Liguria Region, Monica Giuliano, Mayor of Vado Ligure, Nicola Isetta, Mayor of Quiliano, Stefania Frisenna, Head of sales and after sales Enercon, Matteo Carcascio, Development lead – Ev charging Infrastructure South EU Tesla, Paolo Carri, Director Driving the Shift Scania Italia, Paolo Ferraresi, Director Ninivirta Transport, and Massimo Armellino, architect, service area project manager. 

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