Super-cheap rates at the RICARICA charging station in Vado Ligure

Summer is here, holidays are coming and the high season approaches, where prices ‘soar’. But RICARICA is going against the tide!

In fact, the first public ‘RICARICA charging station’ in Italy which is directly connected to a wind farm is lowering tariffs to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers. So 100% green and zero-km energy, at a cost of 0.55 euro per kW/h for a sustainable RECHARGE, is also economically viable in June, July and August 2024.

Inaugurated in 2022, the Vado Ligure station at Via Piave 114 is only three kilometres from the Savona motorway exit, where the A6 (Autostrada dei Fiori) and A10 (Turin-Savona) motorways intersect. Its 75 kW and 350 kW columns are powered by the nearby ‘Rocche Bianche’ wind farm, operational since 2021 between the municipalities of Quiliano and Vado Ligure.

“We want to reach out to ‘electric vehicle drivers’ in Liguria. We saw last year how many vehicles passed through our station. – commented Cesare Fera, patron of RICARICA and President of the FERA Group – Many were from abroad, and were happy to discover 100% green charging columns with up to 350 kW of power. From the Station you can see the wind farm that supplies it with clean energy, and this year our tariff is the cheapest in Italy for ultra fast columns above 100 kW.”

“Last May, we finally charged one of the few 100% electric trucks currently travelling in Italy, and our charging station reached a power output of 347 kW. – adds Ugo Salvoni, Project Manager at RICARICA – Electric vehicles do not pollute and supplying them with 100% green and zero-kilometre energy is our main aim. This is the first of a series of RICARICA stations that we want to build in Italy and abroad’.

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