RICARICA with Autogrill: driving energy in motion.

On the A4, near Padua, new ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

The collaboration between RICARICA SRL, a FERA Group company which is dedicated to advanced services for sustainable mobility, and Autogrill continues.

On the A4, Turin/Venice, between Padua West and Grisignano, 100 kW ultra-fast RICARICA charging stations with CCS2 connectors are already operational (soon to be upgraded to 175 kW), in the Limenella Est (Venice direction) and Limenella Ovest (Turin direction) Autogrill. Activated by a RFID card or the Nextcharge App, payment can also be made by credit/debit card.

This collaboration with Autogrill began last year and has already led to the opening of 110 kW ultra-fast RICARICA columns on the A6, Savona/Turin, in the Carcare Est service area and soon in the Rio Ghidone Ovest (Cuneo) service area.

“Fortunately, the network of electric columns on Italian motorways is increasing and RICARICA is making its contribution,” commented Cesare Fera, president of the FERA Group. “In 2022, just over 500 charging stations were estimated to exist on the motorway network, and in September 2023 there are more than 800, distributed in one out of every three service stations. There is still much to be done to make the Bel Paese more and more ‘friendly’ towards electric mobility.”

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