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Products and solutions to meet the needs of 360-degree electric mobility, for companies and the public administrations.

Solutions for companies

RICARICA knows how to innovate the mobility of environmentally conscious companies.

RICARICA products allow companies to manage their charging infrastructures with extreme flexibility and optimized costs.

RICARICA is an ideal partner for all companies: from large-scale distribution to transport infrastructures, from logistic companies to those that rent vehicles.

Solutions for Public Bodies

RICARICA helps interested public administrations to modernize their mobility, in order to make it ecological and sustainable, tailored to the needs of citizens and tourists.

RICARICA identifies all available alternatives and can design according to specific needs.

Are you interested in a charging system?

We can meet the needs of a wide range of companies – from large scale distribution, transport infrastructures, logistics companies, car hire firms – to public administrations.

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