Recharging in Sarzana can be done at the cinema

Go to the cinema and in the meantime “recharge” your car with a full tank of green energy

Milan, 8th May 2019 – Valuing the time of electric motorists is one of the company’s missions RICARICA SRL: the network of charging stations installed throughout the country supplies only renewable energy produced by the green energy production plants of parent company FERA.

If you live in Sarzana you can combine the pleasure of the big screen with recharging your car battery. A package offered by the Modern Cinema and RICARICA, 5 minutes from the motorway exit.

“We are looking for sites where it is possible to enhance other activities such as tourism or shopping. We have installed a dozen charging stations, but activity is intensifying and the business plan is expected to reach 40 by 2020. We have to fight against delays and we pay for investments out of our own pockets. – explains Ugo Salvoni, head of the company branch dedicated to electric mobility. But let’s go ahead with our strength, aware that the market is there, this year’s data is encouraging and several projects are about to come to light”.

The station, located in a strategic road point, is configured to charge the cars in alternating currents, with 1 Type II socket of 22 kW, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a cost of 0.37 euros/kWh.

The charging station is powered by clean energy from renewable plants of the FERA Group.

The charge can be activated via mobile phone via the NEXTCHARGE APP or via RFID access. The application is the most downloaded in Italy for this service and is one that provides the largest national recharge network, thanks to roaming.

RICARICA SRL – a start-up of the FERA Group – was born in 2014 with the aim of providing a recharging service for electric cars by supplying energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources; it has installed and manages plants throughout Italy. In addition, it has a large electric-only company fleet.

FERA SRL (Alternative Renewable Energy Factory SRL) has been operating since 2001 in the renewable energy sector, selling electricity that it produces exclusively from renewable sources (wind and biogas). FERA is the leader in Liguria in the production of energy from wind sources with approximately 58% of the installed capacity and in Northern Italy with approximately 36%. The activity of the FERA Group is constantly aligned with best practice criteria recognized at national and international level.


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