What happens to used batteries?

A well-known Japanese carmaker has estimated that, by 2025, there will be thousands of electric vehicle batteries which need to be disposed of.

Here is some good news! Electric vehicle batteries are in fact, a real resource, both for reuse and for recycling.

If we talk about reuse (or a second life) it is important to know that when electric vehicle batteries are replaced, they are still capable of storing up to 70% of their original capacity and can be reused as static energy storage systems (for wind farms, solar and other renewable sources).

Storage systems are a real resource for our country’s electricity distribution network, as they improve the efficiency of the network and help us to reach an even greater share of energy from renewable sources than from fossil ones, with a goal of 100% renewable!

Also, when batteries lose their ability to be reused over time, they can be recycled efficiently and can counter the scarcity of raw materials and reduce dependence on the mining industry, as they contain “precious” metals and materials which can be used.

We could almost say that the batteries of electric vehicles are more useful “static” than when used “on board” electric vehicles!

Precisely with a view to reusing, RICARICA plans to re-use “old” electric batteries in new stations that will open in 2022…watch this space!