Inauguration of the first charging station for electric vehicles in the municipality of Recco

The charging station will be inaugurated on Tuesday 10 April 2018 at 11.30  a.m at the Nicoloso da Recco Square

April 2018 – The city of Recco will have a public charging station for electric vehicles with a view to developing the active participation of the Municipality in the implementation of sustainable mobility through the use of 100% green energy.

The collaboration is between the Municipality of Recco with RICARICA SRL, a company which is part of the FERA Group, which has implemented the installation and will take care of the management of the charging station. This will allow residents and tourists to recharge their own electric vehicles easily and autonomously, whilst respecting the environment.

The charging station will be inaugurated on Tuesday 10 April 2018, 11.30 a.m at Piazza Nicoloso da Recco.

The station is configured to charge cars in alternating currents, with two Type II sockets, one of 7 kW and one of 22 kW; the column is powered with clean energy from wind farms owned by the FERA Group.

The recharge service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via mobile access using the NEXTCHARGE App or via RFID access. Downloading the App is simple and takes a few seconds; moreover, you can see the status of the column (occupied / free) and book your recharge. Information, reviews and photos are available on the NextCharge App, an essential tool for anyone who has an electric car.

During the inauguration, speeches will be provided by Dario Capurro, Mayor of Recco, by Valentina Grazioli, Councilor for Traffic and Transport and by Cesare Fera, president of the FERA Group; it will also be possible to test drive electric cars.

RICARICA SRL is a start-up of the FERA Group, founded in 2014, with the aim of providing charging services for electric cars by supplying energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources; RICARICA has installed and manages plants throughout Italy. Furthermore, a large company electric fleet, the second in number after the regional fleet, has been crossing Sardinia for years to service the Group’s renewable source plants in the area.

FERA SRL – Alternative Renewable Energy Factory – has been operating in the renewable energy sector since 2001. It has a registered office in Milan and offices in Stella (Savona), Livorno and Noto (Syracuse). FERA sells the electricity it produces exclusively from renewable sources (wind, sun, biomass). From 2001 until today, FERA has achieved ambitious goals, thanks to a motivated and competent team, who are aware of the social, ethical and environmental importance of energy development from renewable sources. The activity of the FERA Group is constantly aligned with best practice criteria recognized nationally and internationally. The companies engaged in the corporate business constitute an integrated and highly synergistic supply chain. In particular, RICARICA SRL which supplies charging stations for electric vehicles exclusively using energy from renewable sources.


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