How to recharge

Some information on how to recharge your vehicle.


is easy

Thanks to our collaboration with the international network NEXTCHARGE, charging your vehicle is easy

01: Download the Nextcharge App


To recharge the vehicle it is essential to download the Nextcharge App.

02: Register


From the main screen, go to the menu at the top right, and REGISTER.

03: Choose where to recharge

Choose on the map where you want to recharge your vehicle or scan the QR-CODE on the column.

04: Pay to recharge from your telephone


You can use your credit card, debit card, PayPal or the credit you have in your Nextcharge WALLET.

05: Start charging immediately


Click on START RECHARGE and select the connector you prefer.

06: Receive a Nextcharge card


And at the first charge of the Nextcharge WALLET, the Rfid card will be sent to you free of charge.


Pay with Card in Vado Ligure

With contactless credit and prepaid cards, simply pass your payment card in front of the reader instead of the Rfid card (maximum pre-authorization amount of 49 euros or according to the provisions set by your credit institution)

Are you interested in a charging system?

We can meet the needs of a wide range of companies – from large scale distribution, transport infrastructures, logistics companies, car hire firms – to public administrations.

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