About us

RICARICA is an electric mobility operator, with a network of car and truck charging stations with renewable energy

A market leader

RICARICA offers a range of products and solutions to meet the needs of 360-degree electric mobility, both for companies and for public administrations.

We are a Charge Point Operator (CPO), so we take care of:

  • Supplying energy from 100% renewable sources;
  • Installing electric vehicle charging devices;
  • Managing charging devices;
  • Managing payment transactions;
  • Monitoring maintenance and, if necessary, activating emergency response activities at the charging stations;
  • Providing a customer care service (certainty is essential for an electric vehicle user).

Our RICARICA charging systems are connected to Nextcharge, the largest Italian network which allows the user to independently activate thousands of charging stations throughout Italy.

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RECHARGE: clean mobility, without pollution.

Our MISSION: to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility and give electric vehicle drivers freedom of movement. Using energy from renewable sources for pollution free electric mobility.

Our VALUES: we think about the future of future generations. We believe in sustainability and innovation which will improve the quality of life for everyone, globally.

Our GOALS: to offer electric vehicle drivers our wealth of experience, our renewable energy and our charging stations.

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Are you interested in a charging system?

We can meet the needs of a wide range of companies – from large scale distribution, transport infrastructures, logistics companies, car hire firms – to public administrations.

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